Zain Dean – Guilty until proven innocent

If you know anything about anything in Taiwan in the past month… news images and repeated video coverage of the sinful foreigner who killed (or not) a person in a hit and run accident is the newest of many stories run with anti foreigner sentiment. In this lovely example we got to watch live video footage of a foreign suspect being beaten (while in police custody) by a mob of citizens at a court appearance. Needless to say little footage is shown of his significant other (who is absolutely innocent) also being beaten. There are too many sites covering the “is he guilty or not” debate, but why are we not paying attention to the way foreigners are being treated by the media, legal system and community.

In my humble opinion (or ego inflated whichever way you want to slice it), being an expat is a responsibility. It is a responsibility to help represent our nation (whichever that may be) in a foreign country. And with that should come an awareness of what is happening in the environment around us. If we are being suppressed and beaten into a corner we need to defend ourselves, and if we are exploiting others we need to stick up for the Taiwanese.

We have no support from the British Council or the AIT, as their unofficial status here is to make arms deals and issue passports. Diplomatic relations are not recognized, and honestly having met many in the diplomatic corp here, find even cases they want more involvement in – they dont have many resources in which to do it.

Education and communication are key, and beyond the warm Ni How smile is a cold core that quite frequently believes that all foreigners have Aids, or are here to fuck the women with their big penises, or are trying to threaten their jobs, or are low class laborers. Ask around and you may just be shocked by some of the assumptions Taiwanese have of foreigners.


About truthintaiwan
I am a professional working in Taiwan. Unfortunately I am unwilling to disclose my identity for my protection. I only assure you that I am not here teaching English and I have been here for a while.

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