Taiwan Legal Resources in English

Generally in any country that you live there is little excuse given for ignorance of the law. While the reality is that even lawyers, prosecutors and legislators in most legal systems do not have an understanding of every law, regardless that does not eliminate your liability. In Taiwan, an additional complexity occurs with the common understanding of the legal terminology that is exacerbated for foreigners who most likely do not have above average literacy in Chinese characters. While it is important to remember that an English interpretation of law in Taiwan is irrelevant, a fairly solid understanding of these laws are available in English. Although, it is very sad to note that I cannot find the Taiwan Criminal Code (the bulk of information that would describe what is legal and not) in English, here are some resources that you can use to give you a more solid footing.

General Links:

Specific Links

I hope this gets anyone interested started on their legal trip down the Taiwanese rabbit hole.


About truthintaiwan
I am a professional working in Taiwan. Unfortunately I am unwilling to disclose my identity for my protection. I only assure you that I am not here teaching English and I have been here for a while.

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