A Little Anti-ECFA

I went to a small Anti-ECFA gathering on the 26th, unfortunately the rain kept me from taking pictures while there was any amount of people there. I know, ECFA has since been signed and its being debated in the legislature where the DPP is pushing to get full disclosure on the terms of this secret trade agreement. Unfortunately they do not have the support required to actually stop this bill or even to understand what is in it. Oh… wait… whats that you say? Lawmakers are supposed to vote on a law that they cannot see? Yup– you did read my previous sentence correctly. Not surprising, you should really look at the human rights violations that have occurred here lately.

I guess its time to take down the flags and admit that a government that continually breaks the law, without repercussion, is not one that is going to listen to a crowd of people protesting in front of the presidential building. It is really quite sad that so many people in Taiwan have given up their life, liberty and worldly possessions for democracy and now idly sit by assuming that a passive role is going to automatically sweep the full realization of that dream into their lap. Well lets face it, it has come to the point that a plenitude of flagrant violations of a democratic system have infested Taiwan. While martial law has not yet been declared, I would like to ask what is happening now that did not happen then? We have kidnappings, gangs in the streets, scores of human rights violations and a government that is not responsible for their actions. We have land being taken against the will of the owners with new deeds being printed, making the existing ones null and void. We have a larger separation between the haves and have not’s, and lo and behold there is fear of the government.

Well I have said more than enough. Please enjoy some pictures that I have taken.


About truthintaiwan
I am a professional working in Taiwan. Unfortunately I am unwilling to disclose my identity for my protection. I only assure you that I am not here teaching English and I have been here for a while.

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