The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of conditions in Taiwan as seen by foreigners living here. Primarily I have aimed to bring attention to corruption, racism and opinions formed by interactions with local people. I hope this blog provides a benefit to Taiwan, and foreigners in Taiwan.

Due to a problem with Chinese trolls leaving spam on many Taiwan related issues i have decided to moderate comments. I will not moderate comments that i disagree with, but I will try to eliminate spam and propaganda.


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  1. wwu777 says:

    Where are all the friendly easy girls in TW that everyone talks about? I don’t see them. It’s like looking for Bigfoot. Is everyone lying? Is this the twilight zone? The truman show? Is God playing a cruel trick?

    The dating scene in TW SUCKS totally. I can’t imagine how it would be good for anybody. Some of my cousins in Taiwan took 30 years just to find one girlfriend! I can’t meet anyone either. Everyone is so antisocial, closed and doesn’t talk to you if they don’t know you.

    How do you meet anyone in Taiwan? People don’t talk to strangers unless they are elderly. And the girls are very antisocial, closed and stone cold and don’t talk to anyone they don’t know. If you try, then you’re a criminal to them. An outgoing person is totally suffocated here. I am very outgoing but it’s hard to be myself when everyone around you is super shy. I feel so out of place. What is the solution? No one has given any.

    Where are the friendly easy girls that guys keep talking about? I’d give a hundred dollars to anyone who can show them to me. But no one will.

    See my deep intellectual observations about Taiwan that are taboo to talk about:


    Are Taiwanese girls approachable like in the rest of the world? Join the debate here:


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